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How to improve your speed in soccer?

How to improve your speed in soccer?

If you really want to improve your soccer in better way, then you need to improve your fitness first.

Here are some advice for you reference.

1.Start jogging and sprinting for one hour per day. 40-45 minutes jogging and 15-20 sprinting.

2.Try to play alone with the ball in the field with some running practice with it. In that way you can improve your ball control as well ball handling skill. If you strictly want to follow, then you can find many videos on YouTube about it.

3.Practice some long ball passes and play with some good players. Try to play 5-5 game, it will really help to improve your vision and passing skills. Playing FIFA can also improve your gameplay vision

4.Try to aim the goal post will help you in improving your shooting skill.

5.play with other person that are better than you ,you will improve quickly

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