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Telegraph: Solskja will meet with Bogba before Manchester United goes to Australia

According to the "Telegraph" report, Manchester United will travel to Perth, Australia this weekend to prepare for the preseason. Suo Shuai may meet with Bogba in the middle of the week to discuss his personal problems next season.

Manchester United has signed Daniel James and Wan-Pizza. The team is also hoping to reinforce the midfield. It is reported that Manchester United will officially offer Lonstaff this week.

On the weekend, Manchester United will depart for Australia. This week, Solskjaer will hold talks with Bogba. Bogba will return to Manchester United after Wednesday.

Bogba last month hoped to leave Manchester United this summer, but because Manchester United's offer is too high, reaching 160 million pounds, Real Madrid and Juventus can not easily take over. On August 8th, the transfer window was closed, and Bogba was not optimistic about the prospect of moving away from the team.

Manchester United believes that next year's European Cup is very important for Bogba. How to maintain the status in the league and perform in the European Cup is a question that Bogba needs to pay attention to. Manchester United will also ask Bogba's plan.

Solskjaer is likely to talk to Bogba this week to consult Bogba. Compared with Mourinho, Solskjaer and Bogba have a much better relationship.

If Bogba stays, Manchester United also successfully signed Lonstaff, and Sochi needs to sign another midfielder. Bruno Fernandez is currently one of the team's signings. Manchester United also interested in Savour of Atletico.
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