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World Cup 32 Teams

World Cup 32 Team

which 32 teams have qualified for Russia?

In Beijing on the 16th at the 2017 FIFA World Cup qualifier second round matches, Peru defeated New Zealand 2-0 at home. Won the final 2018 World Cup finals in Russia. At this point, the Russian World Cup 32 Team all produced.

Europe (14 seats)

The 14 European teams that won the 2018 World Cup qualify for hosting Russia, Belgium, France, Portugal, Germany, Serbia, Poland, England, Spain, Iceland, Switzerland, Croatia, Sweden and Denmark.

In the world preliminaries, four teams, Germany (10 wins), England (8 wins and 2 draws), Spain (9 wins and 1 draws) and Belgium (9 wins and 1 draws) were unbeaten, including Belgium Is the first European team qualifying, three qualifying ahead of schedule. Portugal is the most exciting qualifying, the final round of the 9-winning streak with Ho wins the Battle of Mount Kings, the final 2-0 victory after the two sides with the same plot of 27 points, C Lo's team to the goal difference. Sweden is the most convincing qualifying, from the group stage to the play-offs, met a total of France, the Netherlands and Italy, three traditional teams, abruptly let the Netherlands missed the World Cup after 16 years, Italy missed the World Cup in 60 years.

Asia (5 seats)

Five Asian teams qualify for the 2018 World Cup, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, South Korea and Australia (AFC team). Japan and Iran both won qualifying ahead of schedule, while Saudi Arabia and South Korea won World Cup qualifiers in the final round of World Cup preliminaries. After the thrilling victory over Syria in the play-offs in Asia, Australia tied for the fourth-place Honduran PK in North America and eventually won the 3-0 home win in the second leg. It should be pointed out that this is the first time in Asian history that there are 5 teams participating in the World Cup. 

North America (3 seats) 

Three North American teams qualified for the 2018 World Cup, Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama. Mexico and Costa Rica are both early access to qualify, the last round of world preliminaries, the United States upset losing, Panama won the first time in the history of World Cup qualifications. 

Africa (5 seats) 

Five African teams qualify for the 2018 World Cup, Tunisia, Nigeria, Morocco, Senegal and Egypt. Egypt won the right to claim for a period of 28 years, Senegal won the air for 16 years, Morocco won the air for 20 years, Tunisia won the air for 12 years, and Nigeria is the only African team to participate in the World Cup.

South America (5 seats)

Five South American teams qualified for the 2018 World Cup are Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Colombia and Peru.

Four rounds of qualifying ahead of Brazil, 18 world preliminaries lost only 1 field, once won 9 straight, is the first team to break the world preliminaries. Argentina finished sixth in the final round, but ended up as the third-placed player in the group after defeating Ecuador 3-1 in the Messi hat-trick. Peru defeated New Zealand through the Intercontinental Playoffs, qualifying again after 36 years. Two Americas Cup champion Chile regrets out.

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