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World Cup jerseys make the World Cup wonderful​

 The 32 teams in the world, which team's soccer jerseys are most prominent and attractive, I think that the jerseys of various countries have their own characteristics , especially reflecting the culture and content of a country. The image of this country. And the football jersey is not only a piece of clothing, but also a kind of culture. It can be said that the jersey is a symbol of a team, and it is also the soul of a team. It is also the culture of a team. When a team is in its heyday, its jerseys are often Symbolizes its peak period.

Despite this, the soccer uniforms of each country are their own favorites, but when looking at the soccer uniforms of various countries, the main tone is still red, white, blue and yellow, but red accounts for the majority of this colorful world. It is the world of color and it is also a world where all nations compete for the World Cup.
Speaking of the 2018 home jersey in Germany, it was inspired by the 1990 classics. In the 1990 World Cup, the German tank won the cup for the third time. Adidas' designers reversed the original stripe's direction and created them with different black lines. A change of gray tone style. The jersey uses a sagging shoulder line to improve and re-optimize its performance. In this way, the color of the team still maintains the white main tone of the German team, but it is also black and orange,it is  so bright colors .

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